How You Can Help


As we begin another year of political advocacy and policy writing, it is vital that we continue to progress as a unified voice for the majority of the industry. The participation of our Members is key to making this possible.

Now is the time to join the SCCC and add your voice to the cause. Through our various businesses and individuals, our members represent the Council’s mission to promote safe patient/ consumer access, educate the public, and ensure the viability of the Medical and Recreational Cannabis industries in the long run. We serve as a professional media outlet and represent industry-community leadership for the fastest growing industry in Colorado.

The SCCC spends countless hours working to express YOUR voice within the community and at all State/City/County legislative levels. As a member you are represented by a full time lobbying effort. Our commitment to advocate for fair policies that maintain safe patient access defines our ability to help self-regulate the Medical and Recreational Cannabis industries and to politically defend the rights guaranteed to patients, consumers, and business owners.

The SCCC relies on member support and volunteers to make this possible; and without you, our industry would lose its momentum.

We appreciate input from members and encourage everyone to share their comments and suggestions. Member involvement in our Council is paramount and we urge you to take advantage of the numerous events the SCCC offers. In addition, we invite you to join us in shaping the growth of our industry by becoming a member today.

Show Colorado Springs and the rest of the state that you support patient rights and community entrepreneurship by becoming an official Council Member today!

Membership Benefits and Privileges